Corporate Orders

There are multiple ways to get your Littlejohn's fix managed. Website, Email, or Phone!

Corporate Orders

We have been helping businesses send out holiday gifts for generations. Your business is unique and we will work directly with you to make your gifts special. So if it's 10lb's of our delicious Caramel Marshmallows, gift packs sent to multiple locations or 100's of 1lb boxes of our World Famous English Toffee picked up at one of our stores, we're ready to help! Please email us at, (or call us at SF 415.252.8320, LA 323.936.5379) and we will work directly with you to make your holidays bright.

Shipping to many locations?

While our website can manage shipping to multiple locations in a single order, it's not always the most efficient and/or personal way to accomplish your goal. Shipping to more than 10 addresses? Then it would be easier to do by using our Large Order Form found at the bottom of the page. We can upload your Gift recipients name, address, personal note and more. Just send us an email @ with the completed form attached and we will get your order rolling and send you a quick invoice.

Need a whole bunch?

We make all this heavenly stuff in small batches and occasionally we run out of our famous English Toffee. So if you’re placing a big order and live in the L.A. area or San Francisco Bay area, consider calling ahead. We will wrap your order and have it ready for pickup.
L.A.: 323-936-5379
S.F.: 415-252-8320
Consider the gas you could save by having us ship it to you:
Why sit in big city traffic when an efficient, alternative fuel USPS/FedEx vehicle will drop the candy at your doorstep? If you live in the San Francisco Bay area or Los Angeles, USPS and FedEx Ground will usually deliver within two days of your order. It only costs about $13–15 to ship 15-1lb. boxes or 30-½lb. boxes to you. Yep, that’s it. And better still, you won’t have to sit in traffic.