Hand-crafted, then hand-delivered

So what does it cost to have the world’s most decadent candies delivered to your door? Your shipping fee is exactly what USPS or Fedex charges us.

**Orders may take a full day to process 

As an extra precaution during the warmer months of the year, we try not to ship orders out over the weekend. If your package is expected to take over the weekend to be delivered, we will give you a call and ask that it is held until Monday to ensure it does not sit in a hot warehouse all weekend.

 ***During the warm summer months, we don't recommend shipping chocolate-covered items. There is a chance they will melt, as we do not automatically pack anything on ice or with cold packs. We do have ice packs available for an extra charge during the warmer months***

Best Value for Shipping

Many companies create elaborate shipping matrices that reduce the cost for one item but charge you a lot more for additional items. We don’t do that. We take the simple approach that we are doing this as a service for you—we don’t make money on shipping. We charge you exactly what USPS charges us. Therefore, you will often find that shipping a 2 lb. box of our English toffee is only $2-$4 more than shipping a 1 lb. box. So shipping a 3 lb. box or three 1 lb. boxes to the same location is a much better value than shipping a 1 lb. box. For longer distances, FedEx is the less expensive option, but it will take more time to arrive.

Shipping Cost Examples 1lb 2lb 3lb 5lb 10lb Ship Times
Bay Area/Local USPS $8.50 $8.50 $8.75 $11.75 $16.00 1-2 Business Days
Bay Area/Local FedEx Ground $12.97 $12.97 $16.65 $13.65 $24.25 1-2 Business Days
New York USPS $13.10 $16.01 $19.00 $25.04 $44.01 2-4 Business Days
New York FedEx Ground $16.96 $17.25 $18.82 $21.05 $25.72 5-7 Business Days


Holiday Ship Dates

Our cutoff dates are here to ensure you that your goodies will arrive in time for the holidays. Order before these dates to feel worry-free. FedEx Ground typically takes 5-7 Business days to arrive. USPS generally takes 2-3 Business days.

  Thanksgiving Hanukkah Christmas

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