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Hand-crafted, then hand-delivered

So what does it cost to have the world’s most decadent candies delivered to your door? Your shipping fee is exactly what UPS or Fedex charges us.

Multiple Address Shipping

Our site now allows for multiple shipping addresses per order. You will be given multiple ship-to address options during checkout.

Best Value for Shipping

Many companies create elaborate shipping matrixes that reduce the cost for one item but charge you a lot more for additional items. We don’t do that. We take the simple approach that we are doing this as a service for you—we don’t make money on shipping. We charge you exactly what UPS charges us. Therefore, you will often find that shipping a 2 lb. box of our English toffee is only 50–75¢ more than shipping a 1 lb. box. So shipping a 3 lb. box or three 1 lb. boxes to the same location is a much better value than shipping a 1 lb. box.

Need a whole bunch?

We make all this heavenly stuff in small batches and occasionally we run out of our famous English Toffee. So if you’re placing a big order and live in the L.A. area or San Francisco Bay area, consider calling ahead. We will wrap your order and have it ready for pickup.

L.A.: 323-936-5379
S.F.: 415-252-8320


Consider the gas you could save by having us ship it to you:

Why sit in big city traffic when an efficient, alternative fuel UPS vehicle will drop the candy at your doorstep? If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, UPS Ground will usually deliver within two days of your order. It only costs about $13–15 to ship 15-1lb. boxes or 30-½lb. boxes to you. Yep, that’s it. And better still, you won’t have to sit in traffic. 

**Order placed after 1pm Pacific Time will be considered part of the following day's orders